About Us

Tucked in back on a privately-owned residential property on Main Street and situated on a cliff overlooking the Cuyahoga River, a quaint 1850’s log cabin sits quietly overseeing the Valley below.


The restored log cabin is transformed several times a year into an enchanting art space and opens its doors to the public as The Log Cabin Gallery.

A visit to The Log Cabin Gallery is an adventure into the world of creativity.

Visitors to The Log Cabin Gallery are greeted by the artists themselves.  Many of the artists demonstrate their talents while they work at the Cabin and welcome questions, conversations, and idea sharing.

The Log Cabin Gallery invites visitors to stop by during all of our seasonal shows to experience everything the Cabin has to offer.  Visit the 1850’s log cabin nestled amongst the trees and savor the atmosphere, meet the artists, and purchase original, hand-created art for lasting enjoyment.

Summer visitors