Diane Seskes Photography

Over the past several years, I have discovered my photographic images have become softer, quieter, more meditative–intimate landscapes.  I am drawn to the mood of a scene rather than a realistic representation of the physical environment.

Much of my photography focuses upon my view of the Cuyahoga Valley area.  I am renewed every time I go out to photograph the beauty in this area—the fog rising from the valley; the changing seasons; the subtle light that filters through the trees; the reflections off the rivers, streams, and ponds.  Through my photography, I try to capture what my soul feels as I immerse myself in the beauty of nature.  With camera in hand, I oftentimes feel like a child again filled with awe, anticipation, and delight.

Diane Seskes Photography is available at The Log Cabin Gallery during all exhibits.  Some of Diane’s photography is available at River Light Gallery.  www.riverlightgallery.com 

Throughout the year, contact her at 330-657-2670 thelogcabingallery@gmail.com