Summer Exhibit Special Events

Join us in our celebration

of the rebirth of the Cuyahoga River


Noon-1pm Billy Crowbeak Faluski, Native
American Woodland Style flute maker and player
1:15-2:45 pm Greg VonGehl and Pam Stropko, ceremonial singers and musicians on the Red Wing Blackbird Drum

Greg VonGehl and Pam Stropko are ceremonial singers and musicians who brought together the The Redwing Blackbird Drum. They have traveled extensively over the past 11 years bringing their teaching drum and voices to many events and ceremonies.
“Our Drum is the Peoples Drum, to collaborate with the heartbeat of Mother Earth so we can all resonate with the vibration of life. We were taught the old songs, so we share what we were given. We sing new songs and so we share what were given. We gather to pray and sing the songs so the people remember to celebrate and love and heal with each other.”
Greg and Pam reside in Northeast Ohio have three beautiful children, two outdoor felines and a lovable chihuahua named Pepper.
The songs that we will be playing for this event are prayers we were taught to help heal the earth and water.
Our line up:
Lakota 4 directions song.
Ojibwe water song.
Ojibwe traditional animal and ancestor songs.
Lakota vocable prayer and healing songs.
Doctoring songs for the land.
Many Home Grown and personal songs which include:
  Tree songs
  Travelling songs
  Plant Songs

Available on Saturday, June 22 and
Friday, July 5

Twin Birch Spreadables
Jams & Jellies by Sandra Kugenieks
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